Make Up Tips And Tricks For Dark Skin

darkskinEvery dark skinned woman in the western world knows how hard it is to find makeup that suits them. The sad fact is that beauty companies generally cater to people with lighter skins. While light skinned women can choose from a wide variety of products, dark skinned women only have a few options.

Thankfully, this does not mean that dark skinned women need to give up! Women who are persistent will find the right products for their skin tone. Listed below are a few make-up tips people with dark skin will find useful.

1. Use the Right Shade of Foundation

Foundation can be separated into three categories – a pink base, a yellow base and an orange base. Pink tones are ideal for people with light skin whilst yellow tones suit women with olive to medium skin. It is worth noting that Asian and Indian women will usually need to look for products with a yellow tone.

Women with very dark skin tones will need to use a foundation with an orange base. Choosing the right base is important as wearing the wrong product can make a woman look unnatural and/or washed out.

2. How to Choose Foundation

The best way to find a good product is to apply some foundation to the jawline. If it sinks in and does not leave any color behind, it is the right shade.

Testing on the face is not advisable as the face is lighter than the neck and shoulders. On the flip side, testing colors on the hand does not work as the hand is much darker than the face. The jawline is a happy medium.

3. Pick a Concealer With an Orange Tone

Orange toned concealer will hide dark areas such as under eye circles and acne scars.

4. Pick Flattering Colors

Some colors look great on dark skin. An example of this is wine colored lipstick. Frosty lip colors are generally not a good idea as they are not flattering.

5. Develop a Good Skin Care Routine

The healthier and smoother the skin is, the less makeup a woman will need. When the skin is smooth and blemish free make-up tends to look better. Every woman should be cleansing, toning and moisturizing their skin in the morning and at night.

Finally, women with dark skin should have fun with their makeup! The great thing about dark skin is that almost every color looks good on it.