How Long To Do A Skin Test Before Using New Face Products?

What is the main precaution you should take before switcing to a new face product? If you said, “do a skin patch test”, then full marks to you!

We all have different skin types – dry, oily, normal, combination – is it even clear which you are. And different genetics, skin tones and skin color. So a product that suits your friend may or may not suit your skin type. If a product doesn’t suit you, it may cause rashes or irritation to the area you applied it.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Before selecting a product you should know your skin type first and select the product accordingly. I have seen a lot of people who are their own skin doctors but misunderstand their skin type. For example people believe that their skin type is oily and uses products to get rid of that, but in fact they should consider using water based hydration for their skin.

The best way to test a product is to do a patch test on your face. That patch area can be the skin behind the ear, cheek (an area close to the nose) or the side of your neck. From these three I would suggest the neck. Only a very small patch though – remember we are testing for a reaction so you don’t want your whole neck blowing up with a rash! The neck is a good area because it is also a sensitive area like your face and is as prone to skin reactions as your face – but of course it’s not quite so visible.

The idea is if your neck can tolerate the product then it’s okay to apply it on your beautiful face. After applying the product you should wait for 24 hours at least before considering it safe to use.

Please bear in mind though that just because you’ve never had a reaction to a product before it does not mean that it will never happen in future. Our body can develop various allergies throughout different stages of life. Since you last applied a face product you body might have developed some allergy that you don’t know about. New ingredients are also being added to products all the time, so your body may never have experienced some of the ingredients in a new product.

Got Excited And Have Applied The New Product Already?

Bingo! If nothing has happened to your skin that’s great you’re probably OK. Keep an eye on the area you applied it though and leave it 24 hours before making a final decision. Don’t apply any more meanwhile.

If however you see little pink circles, or the area is swollen or sore then you probably have a skin problem. You should immediately wash your face (be delicate). Then use a gentle cleanser on your face too – one your skin is already used to, and apply your regular moisturiser. Things should return to normal before long – but see a doctor if they continue to get worse, or if you are concerned.

The home remedy to this is you can apply milk of magnesia or plain yogurt for 15 minutes and then rinse off with normal water. Also you can make a paste of gram flour and curd at home and apply as a pack, don’t wait for it to dry, you can rinse it off in 15 minutes.

Sometimes it is OK for some redness but for just 10-15 minutes only. More than that and you are probably having a negative reaction.

Next time you purchase a new product, do a patch test before a full application of the product. It could save you a lot of discomfort.