Your Smile Counts – Look After Your Teeth

SmileThere’s a reason so much biological ingenuity goes into a smile. It’s an important part of human communication.

And whilst the number of muscles actually used in a smile (versus a frown!) is greatly debated, the fact remains it’s a complex process involving muscles, lips and teeth.

Well indirectly teeth of course.

But teeth are a particularly important part of that smiling process. Just ask anyone who feels any kind of embarassment about their teeth. Be it bad, broken, mishapen or heavily stained – if the owner isn’t content with their teeth they will tend to restrict their smile to prevent revealing them.

So the health of your teeth and gums can and do directly translate into your ability to provide a genuine smile. And that affects how you come across to other people. We can all tell a smile that is not genuine – and it makes us uncomfortable, and possible even generate subsconcious feelings of mistrust.

Which is just one more reason to look after your teeth, and even more so, your gums. It’s quite easy to avoid cavities if you have a reasonably healthy diet, clean your teeth twice a day and don’t eat or drink high sugar foods.

But caring for your gums is a little trickier. There’s all sorts of brushing, flossing, water jet spraying and mouth wash usage that goes into trying to prevent gum issues. But I’ve been recently testing something a little different. It’s a replacement for toothpaste called ‘Dental Pro 7’, that also serves the purpose of a very effective mouth wash. You can read reviews for dental pro 7 here.

It’s unusual mostly in that it’s a liquid rather than a paste, and only requires a drop or two on your toothbrush. And it leaves your entire mouth feeling surprisingly fresh and clean. In fact it’s the best toothpaste for bad breath that I’ve used to date!

The ingredients are a bit of a surprise. There isn’t anything sounding like a chemical or anti-bacterial agent. None.

All of the ingredients in this solution are natural plant extracts. But extracts that have been chosen for very specific properties such as being naturally anti-bacterial.

One of the most pleasing aspects is that it ‘sticks around’ in your mouth too because it’s naturally oil based. So it goes on protecting your teeth and gums, and as I mentioned above, keeping your breath fresh too. That’s something toothpaste doesn’t seem to achieve for very long. And as for regular old mouthwash, well, I find they simply dry out your mouth and make the problems worse in the long term.